Thoughts of the Day

Wow,  I can’t believe the warmth outside today and the last few weeks. It’s melting and it’s January, one of the coldest months of the year. I hope winter hasn’t mixed up the seasons, and we get cold weather in the middle of summer. Spring is my favorite time of year when everything that has gone dormant will awaken anew, to begin their cycle of beautiful colors, and smells that fill the air with beauty. At least that’s how I see it. I don’t like freezing cold, but this warm weather at this time of year is worrying me.



  1. Hello again i like your new blog what a difference it makes you have done well with it i have second one running now on wordpress with all my knew poetry on it myheartsingspoetry 4valentines4words is still there but all new things now are on my knew one keep up the great work on your blog it looks lovely

  2. well this comes into line with your other subject of ice packs and global warming its changing the season animals are all confused life is losing the plot and everying is waking early from hibernation and when it suddenly turns cold it dies and we suddenly get cought out with illness as cold hasnt killed them off.

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