About Me

For those that wish to Hire My Services, you can Text me at 1-306-202-1648

Writing poetry can sometimes help me to see the truth that’s hiding inside to come out in the honesty I’m able to write within my Poems. Other times I get an inspiration through a word or sentence. And with that alone, I let the words come to me, and see where it takes me. I have discovered that I am a Psychic Medium.  With the ability to communicate with spirits, and Find the DRUGS, (which building they are in and around, and even if they are underground), and as well a gift to see the Truth or confession someone has from their Photograph and situations captured in a photograph what really happened. I started out giving psychic readings to friends for free as quality and accuracy is my one real goal. I do things in life to the best of my ability, no matter what it is with the exception of times I need to walk away because no one is listening. All my life like everyone else in the world, I wondered what is my purpose in this world, will I make a difference, or will I just be a girl, or wife, or mother, or forgotten. But Now I see why I am here, I see my potential, I have also had premonitions of seeing bad things happen and at a point in time they can be stopped. There is nothing wrong with ambition to make money using my god given gifts, as that financial freedom is what will allow me the freedom to help find the truth.

I wish to share with as many people as possible with my poems, my ways of making it a better world.

I feel guilty sometimes that I consciously try to be kind to others or do good deeds for others, just because then I feel the kindness come back to me so much more than I gave.

We can save the world One smile or deed at a time!!