Jesus forgives Judas a daughters’ tale by the soul who is a daughter of Jesus with Mary

GOD asked, I show Jesus real form because of Judas betrayal. My brain knew HE died on the cross & Was reason HE found out his death and end, was I went back through time to say “Father, look what they’ve done. Those items you said were gift from you to me. They’ve destroyed. Change locations.

Because The Queen created a invention that can fit in the palm of her hand 2B hidden in centre of a planet yet everything created as planets and beings must adhere to an aging process n marked each moment they move in time. So analysis of actions can be judged or forgiven. Justice B Done. Worship GOD in Heaven as your creator and Laws to follow For Order MUST BE MAINTAINED. The Queen invented Time as idea in her mind 1st so all within time is in Her mind/ie me2. I if I choose 2 think of a point /history of interest my Metaphysical form goes. Demi-GODs & powerful Souls sense an entity then I have to explain why I’m there,they read my brain 2,Sorry for cogwheels which were found by archaeologists. Oh I forgot to say what I began this passage as GODs Will to tell, is the truth I wanted to pass on to you. Jesus forgave Judas. Well not the 1st time. The 1st time He had his soul erased after suicide. But after I connected with Him upset n saddened He saw that erasure as His big regret. He was mad, But He wanted to forgive. Now He got a second chance which He saved Judas.


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