Cont… What I’ve been doing

When Jesus was still sitting in the Throne as GOD 3 reigning over us and all creations in this universe=black hole. He would at times talk directly in my head with HIS male voice, cause HE said that was to ensure I KNEW it was HIM. HE told me HE had given the gift to create a wind-tornado. Spinning with a finger on my palm of hand. Spin then move over spin again, move n spin & on the 4th time sweep hand across the palm to sweep the wind towards Land. It is “GODs DISPLACEMENT WIND”. Jesus/GOD said that wind will pick-up anyone and any vehicles/objects and move them far away to the left or right. So if I was to use this gift to displace an army or enemies then nothing gets bumped or harmed during wind swirl. HE said to do this in Front or behind me the wind will clear my path.

But AMAZINGLY I saw a sign advertising The Wizard of Oz a while after learning this, that made me rethink that tornado wind that took Dorothy n Toto and the Hag/witch. Nothing got hurt during travel, but destiny said the evil witch got squished by the house falling.

I believe those red ruby shoes Dorothy wore were my magical shoes from a other past lifetime that I was Cinderella/ but looked like Snow White. Where Destiny had my life enter an Evil stepmother written about and Grimm’s Fairy Tales 1st edition claimed the evil stepmother was an alien inside. I know she was. I saw the truth that a horned alien created by the God Hell (#21 second God of that #) and those shoes that got me home fast from the ball, got me out of the portal in England known as Oz. The magical shoes that can get me home quick in a pop n flash.

And this carved idol which is located in The Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City I believe looks like Wizard of Oz Tin man who is carved playing a kind of baseball Aztecs played. And the other picture I took of a robot is actually an alien being which I took at the Ruins when I was in Tulum Mexico close by Cancun.

When GOD gave me that gift 2013 HE also gave me the gift with words to hold the staff of Moses and part the waters. Jesus/GOD said HIS Father The King is who CREATED the spell for the staff to part the water. It’s carved into the wood if you know how to read magic runes. the King made it a “Running Spell”. So you must run across in order for the water walls to stay up.

But for much of my childhood, I was fascinated by pirates with treasures, thanks to Walt Disney Captain Hook & Peter Pan. And an image kept creeping into my mind. I wondered how to get the treasures under water, cause most of the best stuff is down deep. The treasures I need is under water. Or at least the most of it from ships sunk. Then the image came. The only way to get the treasure safely is to empty the area of sharks and fish and drain the water. Not feasible to keep water-lives safe, so instead “part the water” and walk right up to the treasure and pick through it what I want or take all of it.

But then I wrote this today then afterwards I went to the movie with my son Jamie Johnson. We went to see Captain Marvel. My son sees the world like me. He sees the truth in a given situation. And man, did I see truth. I told Jamie that the likeable shield guy at the end in reality will get orders to kill all superhero’s who have powers. That way they can never turn against earth or humans. (I’ll let you in on a secret…shhh GOD is an higher BEING and HE gave gifts to certain humans to protect earth from those who destroy it even if it is the very humans who protect it as a “Shield” that others think does Earth right, in Government jobs. But GOD Himself is not like you or me, BUT IS A HIGHER BEING MADE TO BE CREATORS AND TO CREATE little creations and see if each planet can work together to help each other be good and take care of their home planet and then after, help other planets to be good.

The trick is; that each CREATOR GOD must create 3 kinds with a planet to live on, so they can develop and grow in intelligence and learn to get along, in the beginning, One be GOOD, Second be NEUTRAL, Third be EVIL.

Every creation that is created Has an EVERLASTING SOUL. That is what GOD purposely chooses souls from within Heavens gates, and decides which life path and mother-to-be to put the soul into the child inside her womb at Three months pregnancy. Depends on how you treated others and interacted with others in a life before. GOD just really wants to test you to stress you out and push you to your limits. But for the best reason of all. To prove you can still be kind to people and not carry the negative baggage that would make others in the future to be blamed for what someone in the past did to you. To grow as humans to see that you should forgive the crappy people, cause their just doing whatever negative things were done to them in their life before you. Nobody is born a negativity spreader or bully, etc, people like that are made. So GOD sees this is “Their WEAKNESS” so forgive them and easy to walk away or turn the other cheek. Forgiveness is the key. That’s how I stay positive.

But what I was saying about truths I saw something I learnt about in 2013 from Jesus GOD, before GOD 7 took over so Jesus can rebirth when safe. (Imagine a Demi-GOD and “Shield” as a cover” would Jesus be more powerful than the USA government space force ha ha ha. Not afraid of them, what makes them think HE would be. We Have The King on our side & GOD 7. And many more too.

Something keeps turning my attention NOT TO MENTION what I learnt in 2013. I learnt that 1 million years ago 3 aliens came to earth. Jesus GOD, told me that he saved them by hiding them under water in the deepest parts of the ocean. They look like fish with an antenna on their head that is extremely sensitive psychically to hear things like when people talk about them with an image of them in their head. They are CHANGELINGS and can take on any shape with a picture on their head.

  • I asked GOD if they were fish on their planet, but HE said he made them forget their real shape so they would stay as fish. They eat enormous amounts. 1 mile x 3 miles is what I understand they inhale all within that radius.
  • The captain marvel movie made me think of that cat that is a Changling which has tentacles that go out to grab food and inhale what it takes.
  • I know Anubis got CIA, Government to put explosives in a deep hole in earth then when opening appeared was ready to send aliens into time form, that’s stuck in earth to points in history to infiltrate and destroy humans by making them destroy each other. So GOD gives up on earth and just lets them play with their minions/slaves which is, Other life forms and to an Anubis is just a ball of yarn. A play-thing.
  • Thank GOD there’s so many more GODs than just three. There’s safety in numbers and Honour to be shared. Ideas are formed from constructive thinking together. That’s why the GODs 1-21 with The King at the HEAD and final decision maker sit at a table in heaven. Each has made their own creations started with three kinds them went on from there. So hopefully Earth has some back-up from some if these. And as well in 2013 when Jesus was first introducing himself by an actual mans voice in my head, I asked him if HE was the only GOD since there’s so many religions out there. That’s when he said there GODs each Reign a number. And each number is a number of black-hole. Which is filled with planets and space and universe. The bigger the black-hole the more planets inside of it. But sometimes the hole becomes unstable and can close in on itself. And hopefully those inside have other black-holes they can travel a round-about route or detour. Otherwise their stuck forever without travelling outside their own universe.
  • Anyway I decided it would be respectful to introduce myself to each of the numbers that are GODs in Heaven, and get to know what makes them tick. What makes them who they are, good kind etc. I found introducing myself in a kind way to be the best way. And made some friends too. For instance after introducing through the numbers I get to 21 and some of the other GODs said I should leave Him in Peace, everyday He fights a battle with a respected friend Evil GOD, who He also has to have locked in a dungeon in the floor. And everyday that other GOD shakes the floor and the bars, angry and furious to be let out.
  • That other GODs name is HELL. I never got the name of the GOD who is his friend and same 21 number they share. Because when I finally got mental connection with him, I discovered He was I in my past lifetime. And no name means no one who possibly would enter earth to enter time energy creation to go back on time. Won’t know me then.
  • But reading a book “Myth and Legends by John Pemberton has short bits about earths past mythological and historical Mystical times makes a reference to a GOD called HELL. And I also found out in the beginning He created snow monsters. A creation to instantly freeze person, place or thing or area. (The ice age came on sharp and fast, and in reality they found partly digested food of vegetation in stomachs that were eaten in warm tropics and grew in the earth.) They are the ones GOD called on to do work for him. To preserve for future reference some things, and to also create a sleep pattern for most plant life afterwards with wind blowing the cold ice air around the earth in a pattern. As long as earth stays on the Proper axis of tilt, weather will be normal. Land must be healed so that the surface of earth is a continued aide to the quality of the spin. Dry and barren surface spins differently than a lush and prosperous surface.
  • Anyway I’ll do a continuation if and when I add more to what I’ve been up to.
  • Have a great day!!!

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