What I’ve Been Doing

Since 2012/13 when I discovered I had buried gifts that emerged of psychic medium abilities. My life has been opened up and so much now makes sense that never did before since I was a child.

I used to have periodic certain nightmares as a child. One of them that occurred often was that my mother put me in a coffin and set me on the curb on sidewalk outside our home as if I was dead to her. But in my nightmare if I snuck back inside and kept my mouth shut and never said a peep and hid behind the couch then “out of sight, out of mind”. Then I was allowed to stay living there when I did that. But awake I do recall listening and talking to my invisible friends like my great grandmother Elizabeth whom I never knew. But she was a little girl Spirit friend that I could talk to. My sister Louise recalled that I used to ask if Elizabeth could eat at mealtime too. It’s been an long time since she’s eaten. My mom said I was a “Devil child” cause spirits are evil if not in Heaven. I think she was scared, cause Elizabeth was my moms grandmother.

And the other recurring nightmare that stayed the same like a premonition, was that really bad men who wear suits were chasing me to hurt me. My only option was to run. These particular scenarios went on until one nightmare I was thinking of which way to run to get away, when an idea filled me. I have the Power to create something out of thought. So I imagined a power jet pack on my back to fly away and it appeared. Since then that nightmare never came again.

I used to feel certain without understanding how I know, but certain that somebody said something in relation to me. So I turn my head to feel for where those men or women were located and my head tilted up to the sky past the clouds to someone watching from up above. And I would answer one of their questions said to a colleague that they asked regarding me. I was a target of other governments even as a child.

I was only 4 years old in 1976, playing at the park in our small town, when I was almost kidnapped a block from my house. He was a short, fat, mostly bald man who offered to show me some sea shells and maybe would give me some of them at his small 2-door red mustang car. As he sat on his drivers seat with one leg on the cement and one inside the car, his left hand was inching closer to my waist. I saw through peripheral vision but was too scared to move. I showed very little to no knowledge of this and screamed in my head to run. And that’s when I saw 6 men who were wearing park uniforms that were walking side by side, each using a rake to rake the leaves. But I know that was strange because all 6 moved as one. All together raking and walking towards us. That’s when it hit me “Hard”. To hold this mans cheeks with my still baby-like chubby hands, and ask inside how to have caught this man before he got to me. BECAUSE A RAGE WENT THROUGH ME FOR A SPLIT SECOND. HOW DARE HE TRY TO STEAL ME, without my permission”

When I told one of the 6 men what I found out regarding this man, he told me to wait over to the side. And I did. I prayed to GOD to help me have strength not to cry. Because that emotion will weaken me, and I needed to use a power I never realized I had or could do. But I needed to walk home to give myself time to compose myself. I had to be strong. So when the special detective as he called himself when he showed me his badge under his park suit, had come over to me, to get my information about where I live etc. I told him you can see my house from the park. I told him I must be allowed to walk home. And he let me. But I was fearful that my mom who lectures all the time would tell me about talking to strangers. She told me many times. I knew the cop was going to call her. He said he would. But when I got home, she had wide-open eyes and I saw fear inside her eyes. Sadly she never said anything or hugged me. But the cop on the other hand must have called somebody important because since then is when my nightmares began.

In 2013 I wrote a letter to RCMP of Canada out of curiosity asking for information about this kidnapper from my childhood. Since my parents never said anything I didn’t know how long of a sentence in jail he got or even his name. And if I couldn’t find that out, I wanted to thank any of those cops who saved my life. Because one part of what that cop said at the time when he came to get my info, was that that was a very bad man, he had a gun on the backseat of his car. I was lucky to be alive.

When I finally received a response from the RCMP, it was a letter saying that that long ago they shred old information after so much time has passed. And since it was on official letterhead paper, I never questioned it. Until I later years after when I realized with future unsolved crimes and DNA, they’d never erase unless orders were to erase it by Government.

These are a few things when I was a child that GOD tested me with to see if I could stay strong, and composed, and not to give in to fear. And do as GOD tells Spirit to tell me. And She Who is The Queen. I will not run because I AM with The Queen and I AM GODs Prophet Who will show everyone how to live in Peace and Love, with Harmony by doing One nice thing per week for a stranger.

And one day I pray that I will be that stranger for somebody else.

GOD gave me the gift to take pictures of aliens and magical creations stuck “out of time” calculations by using my old cellphone Blackberry Q10. But that’s to show the entire world what they did NOT know is behind a lot of those bad behaviours in society. Influences we cannot see with our eyes but some can. Like dogs and cats.

GOD has said I will travel and I have to a few places. There’s more places to go to for discovery, to open up the history that people only guessed at. But the important part of these photos I take is the magically changed man who used to be shy/not stand up for someone or himself I sense. He’s important because the scientific and logical people believe magic is crazy and never happened. But thank GOD I got this photo to show the truth. And to any who think he looks like Peter Rabbit from the animated movie. Those movie writers wrote that rabbit in wearing a coat and no pants at all. Well no respecting man would ever wear no pants. The real mouse/ may look like rabbit but ears give him away as part mouse instead. Well he wears trousers as he calls them. With a belt. And he is real.

The reason he can’t be seen is because when visitors from other planets caused turmoil on earth by influencing people, GOD sent in HIS warrior with gifts to create time portals which a space between time and space using quantum physics. The portal that is in-between time gets designed by the person creating the area. For magical creatures the place is exactly as earth was where they lived but now there’s no humans just them. Too many greedy humans who want yucky powers. I like good, so these creations stay safer away from people. That way nobody gets turned into a frog for liking a wizards child. Not a princess or prince but wizards child. But time in these portals never changes. Each day is the exact same. And the magic creatures love it.

And when GOD created Eden in order to start again for making a similar kind of human, it was a portal HE created. The days were always the same temperature, they never needed to hunt for food or to be taught how. Everything magically appeared and always was fruit on the trees and bushes after picking the fruit as it regrew by the next day. It wasn’t until both ate from the forbidden apple tree that they learnt how naked they were and they learnt shame about something that was done. Before eating this apple they had only ask for a meal and it popped into existence.

I in my journey of discovery must as well keep safe the portals of the magical creations, and fix the others that hold aliens still locked inside. But for that I need things from a few of my past lifetimes before I attend to the portals.

Right now it’s photos and I know there’s much more truth and information I need to know. But to get that knowledge I must meditate without Government listening bugs nearby for my thoughts to be listened in on and vise-versa.

And I’ve travelled to Vatican Rome Italy, Mexico City and Tulum Mexico and their bugs were a tremendous presence there as well. But I pre-booked my trips so Government knew ahead of time. I expect it now.

In 2014 I used to randomly spontaneously leave my place to stay in a hotel for one night, and it WAS BLISSFULLY WONDERFUL. Those who were surveillance bug listening there had not yet been trained to listen to me and I knew after 3 days they’d also hear my thoughts and I then through the bugs. So one night only. But I got the best sleep for those nights in a hotel that was only a moments thought an not planned.


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