In the Beginning, Telling the True Humans Beginning of Life of Us Humans, and much more info

In the beginning, God 7 created Mankind. (HE is one of the Brothers of He Who is The King, Jesus Father, GOD who Reigns over ever Number in Gods and Every Life-form.) The King was told by She Who is The Queen, that the dinosaurs must be put to death, as they were destroying every tree on earth. By eating them and knocking them over in fighting other dinosaurs. The planet needed the Oxygen making trees, for other life on earth  to continue living. Now, as we know from the Bible, The King owned earth cause it was HE who created it in 7 days, as Jesus tells in the bible using magic, and HIS wand (as all creators have), and words to create it. But HE asked GOD 7, HIS brother to create humans. And they were to be created at the end of dinosaurs. So GOD 7, with HIS wand, and words to create, found a large Dino-size earthworm from underground. And changed it to go into a hibernation and like a butterfly we emerged as little human sized pygmy people. Dwelling in he woods as hunter/gatherers. All around the earth pygmy peoples were made. Coming out of our shells, as changed life-form from our original form, and made into different colors of skin and features. GOD loves diverse skin/faces and decided Earth protectors needed to learn to get along with all kinds and differences, in what other life-forms look like, as well as one another. Those shells that the first humans DNA broke out of,  were located wherever there was a volcano in the Land. Cause lava is he only substance that can kill a dinosaur except for being eaten, and lava is the only thing that could change us from a worm to a human in a larva stage, like the “Butterfly”. And just as the lava was flowing and the queen was using kinetic to lift those who try escape into water, and smashing those dinosaurs down upon earth. Killing their insides. None may escape their fate. Exceptions were given to what the queen gave a new name, in respect to a new life, a kind of dinosaur that ate leaves from the center of the tree, so that it would live, and still shade where needed and birds could nest in the higher branches. She was named “Gentle Giant”. She let that dinosaur enter the water to live. As all dinosaurs don’t require air to breath. Which is why earth would of died without trees, and no air, but dinosaurs would live on.

(On a side note) I would love to see these prehistoric shells which GOD and spirit says has lines around it, like an earthworm has, but larger size. As dino’s were dying and lava flowing, all earthworm that were our beginnings, said as if in One Voice, “We must rise to the surface. This is our chance. This is OUR TIME is now to begin New life”. As the worms got to the surface, just in time to float on the surface of lava to get stuck and begin the change process in heat. The reason I am mentioning this, is that that was the beginning of man-kind and we were on our way to becoming advanced, and idea people that saves earth with our intelligence and problem solving skills. But something went wrong. Certain rogue aliens saw what earth was hiding! And why GOD needed protectors to ensure earth never got destroyed and why he allowed his children to be birthed on this planet, instead of billions other planets. A TIME creation in an energy-form that was put into the centre of the earth by its’ creator, She Who is The Queen. They thought if they destroyed this Time creation, then they would live forever. (But they did not know what the Queen knew, that no-time is like her birthplace, near the north star, and whatever is created has the ability to die, by The Queen, or a One’s alien being. A alien The Queen created to kill evil beings, and life-forms.

And as well those rogue aliens realized if they went into time to affect a time-line of creation, their physical bodies were safe in the present, but held in a stasis, and it moved their subconscious mind and a replica of their body as a metaphysical form into the past. So the rogue aliens decided to send other aliens that they hated for being good and loving, who are likely to help earth be with peace and may also protect our planet as friends.

The rogue aliens had developed energy form that came out their eyes, and controlled the minds of other life-forms. (Laser eyes will laser, these eyes control). And they gave instructions that when peace was going to be a possibility of truth, and the humans were going to be working together as one voice to protect and nourish the earth and air, and all life on earth, that’s when they were to begin work by dividing the people with a whisper in the ear, a nudge in the heart, and hatred on the lips. That’s why with each great  civilization there was advancement in science and aqua-ducts and inventions to better life on earth for the people, that’s when either war came and the death toll was too large to rebuild peace or the Queen came back to earth and entered one of my past lifetimes, and with combined powers, ended those responsible, for GODs will to be done. LOST CIVILIZATION, with millions of people dead and forgotten. It was 3/4 of the planet pre-adam and eve. The knowledge and evil the people did was put into the apple with magic used by GOD. Adam and Eve was not to learn evil ways. But in the end, because of eating the apple, what they learnt, they could not unlearn. And instead of being shepherds to bring everyone together, including of the rest of the people GOD spared still living in forests around the world, who were different colors of people.

The first life of a creation that The Queen came a part of was when I was a Mermaid, in the 7 Seas, and The Queen came as a beautiful entity female and asked me to lead the people of earth to peaceful ways. My Destiny if I take it, would save all the worlds. Aliens and humans, and water-life-forms. She chose me, because ass a daughter of a GOD within waters edge already, I took it upon myself as a protector. And human land-dwellers sailed in ships back and forth, but sometimes they held magical items onboard. Items that could destroy lives or kill, like a wardrobe tall cabinet that was made once for a King with a spell put written on the wood to make enticing thoughts to feel a need to walk inside. It would then transport the person to a dimensional portal where they’d be eaten  by wild animals or killed some other way. But there’s no return without a magical person’s help if you know they’ve gone inside. I destroyed the ship that had this onboard it. I destroyed it before it reached its destination, because I sensed that the King it was being given to as a gift, would kill a Great King, who one day was Destined to do many great things to fight magical evil people. So as I destroyed that ship, I as well did same to many other ships with a Kracken style giant octopus.

And as I was made ass water-creation, I was not made to be affected by magic or mind control as humans were. Which gave me the powers to overcome and succeed. So I was given new life to be a new form, to walk on earth to live with land dwellers I had always dreamt to do. And The Queen became one with my body. But my Mate and our children from waters-edge, and my Father God Who Reigned all Within Waters Edge, were not to be told of this opportunity and choice. I said yes, because I could save one and all. I was used to making good choices in seeing harm to another kind and preventing it. Even when those kind want items which is too dangerous in the wrong hands. We all have a destiny. If we live up to it. Together we can achieve the impossible. And make it a reality. Magic is a creators need. Not a creations right to have or se. The only reason it was once on earth was mankind had been privileged to have Thee Kings children birthed here. Anyone with GODs Destiny needed practice before their bodies died, and their souls went to Heaven. Mankind on the other hand had plenty of greed inside and powerful lusts. These aliens sent back in time to destroy all that good. Problem with GODs birthed from earth human female, is that they are then vulnerable to be controlled of mind control by aliens that are sent back by rogue aliens. As a non-controllable water creation-turned human, I had an advantage and every life after, my same soul retains those memories and abilities and gifts with powers. And to not be controllable.

And in this Life, GOD promised that my souls’ First Mate from waters edge, (Merman) will be with me in this lifetime. He knows my ways, that are goofy, and strange, and I like to play. I’m inquisitive, and 4 years old inside, and a teenager other days. Rarely am I this 47 year old that my body suggest. And he loves me just for me. And he reads minds and is sensitive to what others  are thinking, just like me. He’s sensitive, and I can’t wait to meet him. It is my Destiny.


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