Readings from Afar

It’s been a busy week and it’s felt like I’ve had no time to myself. But I’m happy and healthy and I’ve accomplished a few things by helping law services by giving information about a recent murder in the news, with as well a 25 year unsolved case.
Now I don’t feel safe going to the police here in Saskatoon, well frankly anywhere in Canada and telling when there has been a murder or crime committed. They will undermine the information I tell, and with most Police as well as RCMP which do have a Canadian Secret Information Services Earpiece (CSIS), it will be CSIS who give the commanding orders on how to proceed no matter who is in command at the station CSIS is in Full Command without governing powers over them as Stephen Harper and Justin Trudeau passed into law with each passing a Bill. So I did what any good Citizen would do I turned to Social Media.
I have been posting on Facebook the news article then reposting once I’ve spoken with the spirit who was murdered to see what happened.
The great thing about Spirits who have died and gone to heaven is God puts them to be with and follow the murderer. So they can run and hide but spirit sees where they are, and who and who helps them to get away with murder. A good citizen when choiced with helping a friend get out of trouble with enough money would choose to do the right thing and let justice do what it’s meant to do. To Keep the Streets Clean and Safe. Safe for Today, and Safer for Tomorrow.
So if I make anyone out there nervous that a spirit may tell on you or a friend, Be a good citizen because it’s never too late to tell what you know. Friends come and go, but with spirit, TRUTH IS HERE ALWAYS
And to all those out there who kill people REMEMBER each Victim is standing Right Next to you. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha not kidding –

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