My absence from Here has been unintentional, but will try harder

I apologize for not continuing my presence here and posting my Poetry. For me poetry is found within the Heart. I wrote when I came across something that gave me inspiration. I lost that connection from within once my gifts as a psychic medium began pushing through. I began listening to spirit and those which thoughts are heard through Surveillance video. I did not realize at the time that I would lose my ability to listen to my heart rhyme the words to say what needed to be said for peace and love to shine through. I miss that. But possibly when I can get my hands on an electrical frequency signal blocker so that those thoughts can no longer be heard, I may be able to write poetry again.
Granted I have had moments when this blocking happened naturally, like when i walked into a particular park within Saskatoon here, and the pathe had tall bushes on either side. It turned out the living branches blocked out the frequency of all surveillance and their thoughts. But after returned home and sitting in my bedroom I bragged and was overjoyed for such SILENCE that I was smiling from ear to ear. A few days later that path had amplifiers for signal put in the proximity, and their thoughts were there. They are now gone to Columbia and Mexico to spread the murder rate even higher. Regular Citezens going for a jaunt (talked this word to give note to someone to tell someones with mind control what to do when used with chemical drugs to another person which were or will be given these drugs)

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