Annie The Psychic Medium

Open For Business as Of NOW!!! Woo Hoo!!!

One of my gifts as well as many others is I am able to Read Pictures of ANIMALS which lets me see their personality, and what their temperament and behavior will be like when they grow up or are now if an adult. I only charge $30. for Reading an animal picture for a family. If one is not adopted yet, a list of what personality traits wanted, and a list of pictures for me to READ of animals means I can help match the RIGHT Dog or cat with the RIGHT Family.

Finding the right animal for a household is very very difficult, as that animal is adopted and becomes part of a family. But if that family member has an attitude of anger inside or fears that are unseen at time of adoption, it is impossible to know is this the right family member to enter into your home with your children or other animals.

As well I am all Set up to Do SKYPE Readings Helping People find the answers they SEEK.


TESTIMONIAL: Annie was so wonderful, she helped my home be a safer place with my 2 small dogs. She read thier pictures to see why one of our dogs were always quick to bite any of us who are around him. But as a family member couldn’t just say goodbye. Annie was able to see what was trigger for our dog, which was quick movement, being touched and also wanting to be with my last family even though they hurt him. But by listening to her advice he is now a calm and much more loving dog, as we try not to touch him and we even stopped quick movements, and without that happening is feeling calmer and is a more loving temperment.

I’m giving away 3 FREE mini READINGS of 30 minutes for AUTHENTICITY of my GIFTS!!!


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