Coming Soon To a Country Near You

Soon I will be setting up to do Psychic Medium Readings Online using Skype. I’ve had a busy offline life lately but will have my online Psychic Reading up and running hopefully within 1 week.

I wanted to let all who follow my posts PLEASE spread the word, any who wish for help in their lives to find where their happiest path is, whether they are on the right path or steps that need to be taken to achieve your GOALS in life. Whether it be in LOVE, or JOB, or simply questions about the PAST, Your loved ones that are with you communicate with my 12 spirits that are with me to answer the question you have in life. A reading takes between 1- 1 1/2 hours, depending on questions needing answers.

The Price will be $100. Canadian Funds, which can be done securely through your own online banking using email payment transfer. That way no financial information is given to me or anyone but your own bank as they transfer funds direct from bank to bank.

I will be using my skype email



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