I once was lost, but now have found something Truly Special.

A peace was found I had all along, it was God inside to  ease my Troubles.

Make the most of your Day, be it Sad, mad or Troubled, Bring a Smile to another, in a pleasant way, and feel their Happiness Double.

Find a way to Ease your Stress, and THIS is what will do it, I guarantee when HONORABE INTENTIONS is used, Your Stress is Past Tense fluid.

It Rolls right off and seems not to return, that stressful Moment with Time, For Happiness is THE KEY to joy in life’s Great Journey.

I hope this helps someone somewhere, and Hopefully Everyone in the world.

I say this because when Practiced on strangers, or others you know, and if everyone did this 1x per Week, then it would be a Daily Occurrence 68% of EACH DAY, for Each of Us.

Doesn’t that sound like a utopia on our ENTIRE PLANET and a great place to live, where 68% of everyday Someone is saying something nice to you, or Doing Something nice for you. (Each and every day)

Share this will. It’s only 1x per week. God Created the World in a Week.

What will you Do!

This feeling so low, from deep inside, my heart and thoughts ache on this roller coaster ride.

Feeling happy for awhile, so that function is good, but all the while thoughts of opposite brood.

Why is the world seem empty, without a kind word, love seems lost with negativity is mostly heard.

I try to hear the positive and do it well, but for 1 positive there’s 10 negative which is a yell.

My loneliness is mounting, as My Purpose sits to the side, where are my Knights meant to be my ride.

Word tell, it’s complicated, leave and hope it turns out, safety is measured by not being seen about.

There is passages in time, missed turns in the road, regret gives rise to guilt with jobs’ Code.

Finding a way has made many of Worth, God sees this and forgives getting left on a perch.

Now that I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, here I remain with no purpose or will with a Clout.

Work at a petstore, I see is my goal, make dogs happy, the World is a Fool.

My sadness is in, even when I laugh, don’t be fooled by a smile my eyes shine for TRUTH.

Abraham Lincoln and what made him Tick, and what Molded this Great Man


Truth words from honest Abe (Abraham Lincoln) When I was Four years old my ma told me I could do anything I wanted in life. She said “Boy, when you’re all grown up, they will need a good hearted man such as yourself to run this country. Make friends with those in station, so you will have affluence all around you, supporting whatever you choose to do.” She left it at that, but those words sat hard inside me. She never spoke of it again. When I was six, almost seven, my pa reminded me that there are those in life who will try to bring you down, and to rise above them, be better than they are, but never mean or crass. Share our ideas with friends of higher station, show them you are a strong leader. A leader who shares council with those close to him. This way of speaking to friends caught the attention of one of their fathers, who took notice of me in a strange way, in the way I saw him looking at me, which then he began to write notes down. The father passed the note to the servant/slave, whispering in their ear, and then the slave left with the note. When I was fourteen, I was a man. I met my wife. We were at a Ball together. I had some spirits and was feeling randy. I walked up to this beautiful girl about my age, and spoke to her like she was the most beautiful girl in the world, stretching the truth slightly. We talked as well as danced throughout the night. She was well enough my equal, her mind was clear with purpose. He said, “Our Creator, was known for saying let there be light, let my words be known as Liberty and Freedom for all.” He was a man of his word. He had honor with dignity as he believed all of his country men should exhibit. After he was elected, he tore up the town with a big celebration. Not knowing who voted for him he knocked on all of the doors thanking them for supporting him. He had quite a few bouts of liquor inside him when he did this. Those who never voted for him, were surprised when he knocked on their door, but surprise turned to joy when they realized “The” President is a Great man to knock on a poor man’s door. Within the first three years, it went well, and everyone loved what I had to say. Then pressure started building from my opposition leaders, they thought it was a little fishy how many votes I got when they knew they got more votes than what was shown. Henry saw how easy it was for me to win so many seeds. Seeds were placed in a pot for each man who ran for president. Henry was my very best friend, he was always one step ahead of me in the races, (Three legged races, ha ha ha he says). We were friends since Henry was four, and I was Seven years old. We were both wealthy growing up. We lost touch after the election, my friends who helped with my election campaign pushed him out of my life quietly without my knowledge.

Abraham Lincoln, named honest Abe by some, He told the truth to others, to unite a country never before done.

He was destined  to be president, in his day and age, the Union knew one would be heard speaking words far beyond his age.

So when he was only four his Ma said to him, you’re a good hearted boy, this country needs a man such as him.

A leader will need friends who have station and with wealth, they will supports your choices, with your dignity, and honor and good health.

His Pa talked to him when he was six years of age, those who put you down in life, rise above and be better, not mean or crass when you engage.

Share your ideas with friends of station, be a strong leader to them all, show them you discuss your ideas openly without call.

When he was seven he met his Best friend of All, Henry was his name, a boy of station I met in the Fall.

We like the same games as we played on the road, we had such a blast ignoring the mean boys who acted  like a toad.

One of the fathers in station of his friends, listened quite intently, for he saw a country’s future leader with his son’s friends.

He wrote upon a parchment, which he handed to a slave, whispered in his ear, take this to the Generals who await instructions on this day.

This day was seen in approximate days in time, a leader will appear, a child in your  midst his words are sublime.

This man invited him to return each and every day, play with my son young man, and I will pave your way.

Making him into a mold he would need to plant some seeds, so when he is all grown up his council he will need.

Show him the ropes this young man you talk in high regard, make him see we lead, and create, the presidency is a job which we create.

At fourteen years old a Ball had been thrown, Henry fell in love with his future wife in such a beautiful gown.

Three years his senior, that sweet loving man, usually the other way around, but he was a charmer and she his fan.

When he was fourteen, it was then he was a man, those in station threw a Ball where he met his wife who was most beautiful of them all.

They talked and danced throughout the night, her mind was crystal clear, she had purpose with her will of might.

He told her then he would have famous words to say, they were Liberty and Freedom for All, his dignity and honor showed that day.

He studied to become a lawyer, to defend those who needed aide, his career took a turn when the Generals told him presidency is what in life he was made.

He took their words to heart, make a change from the very top, a Free United Country, his voice will be remembered non stop.

At election time, a pot with names written upon each, all those who is running, a seed is placed as vote by those who were free.

He won that election with more seeds than the rest, but something was fishy the opposition knew they had run uncontested.

He tore up the town, in celebration for this win, with bouts of liquor inside him he was merry and on a whim.

He knocked on each door, thanking each for their vote, even those who were poor saw his qualities and took note.

They thought, no other who had run would sully themselves with talk with the poor, for the rich were with station and power and could open up big doors.

He was loved and was strong of will, great leadership within his soul, he led the country to freedom because of his role.

The Generals disagreed many times, many ways, but Abraham was stubborn to create rights and freedoms for all the people to which this law stays.

They thought he was foolish, the poor die faster and is well, let them eat cake for their cupboards were empty and their land they could sell.

He fought their will with such moments of chat, it sat heavy in his mind their honor and dignity was in serious lack.

So he chose to confide more in his wife, whose thoughts he respected most, she told him her thoughts with truth and honest boast.

The friends fathers were a part of the Union, which the name has changed over time, Stone Mason’s to some, conspiracy artists in kind.

Secret society which has rule to this day, passing on the knowledge so they can run the world however way.

Take what you will from my poem told with truth, there is a pattern within time to see the real true ruse.

But God has a plan as He sees what is done, no more complacency let men do more of what has been done.

We Will Have Peace, I guarantee that, just wait and see when I get my life on its Destined Path.

note: what makes a man into the character he becomes and exhibits when he is older. This is the main basis that made this great man first become a lawyer to defend the poor and whoever was in need, then to be president to change life for all to be FREE!!!!!!!